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A Letter From The Musician's Lips (Continued page 4)

Here are some items that may be on a contract:

The Employer (that’s you) authorizes the Representative(that’s the musician leader) to replace any musician for any reason whatsoever, provided that all replacements have comparable or superior quality.

Force Majeure: The Musicians’ agreement to perform is subject to sickness, accidents, availability of transportation, acts of God, or other legitimate conditions beyond Musicians’ control. In the event of cancellation for reasons stated in this paragraph, the full deposit will be returned to the employer.

Mechanical Reproduction: The performances to be rendered under this contract are not to be recorded, reproduced, filmed or transmitted from the place of performance in any manner or by means whatsoever, in the absence of a specific written agreement between Musicians and Employer permitting otherwise.

Employer Cancellation: In the event that Employer terminates this contract for any reason whatsoever prior to the date of employment, Musicians’ will retain the full deposit as liquidated damages.

Preparing for the Music:
Pre-ceremony: These fifteen minutes before the ceremony are most important as it gathers your loved ones in the seating area and entertains them while you run late. Items to remember:

There should be a little something musically for everyone. Ask parents and grandparents what kind of songs they would like to have played. This is where they feel a part of the ceremony.

Alternate between fast and slow tempos.

For every fifteen minute segment, there will be four to five songs.

The Anatomy of a Ceremony: Which one is right for you?
The following four ceremonies need musical selections. The musicians will cadence or fade one piece of music before going on to the next. Your coordinator will know to listen for these cues before sending each person down the aisle for the processional.

Non Religious
• Grandmothers, Mothers (Sometimes mothers light the Unity Candle)
• Attendants and Flower girls
• Bride
• Unity Candle
• Recessional

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