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A Letter From The Musician's Lips (Continued page 5)

Traditional Music (Sacred Music Only)
• Grandmothers, Mothers (Sometimes mothers light the unity candle)
• Attendants and Flower girls
• Bride
• Wedding Prayer
• Candle Lighting
• Communion
• Flowers to Mary
• Recessional

A Jewish Service
• Rabbi/ Chupa Holders/Groom with Parents/ Attendants/ Flower girls
• Bride with Parents
• Recessional

A Philippine Wedding
• Candle Lighting
• Groom with Parents/Bride with Mother/Sponsors
• Priest/Attendants/Ring and Coin Bearer/Flower girls
• Bride
• 2nd Candle Lighting
• Blessing/ Veil and Chord
• Communion
• Removal of Cord and Veil
• Recessional

Commonly Asked Questions ?
Should I tip the leader? If you think that your musicians have gone the extra mile, by all means, but generally, a tip is not expected.

My wedding is outside, what is needed? An umbrella to shield the musician from the sun is always required. String and woodwind players take extra precautions as they have very expensive instruments that will crack with extreme heat.

What do the musicians wear? Musicians will automatically wear formal black; men in tuxedo and women in a dressy attire. If you want something other than this, you must let them know.

Are the musicians invited to the meal? If you have a buffet or hors-d’oeuvres, it’s always nice to ask the musicians to help themselves during a break. They will not partake unless you invite them. It is not necessary, however, to invite them to a sit-down meal.

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