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A Letter From The Musician's Lips (Continued page 6)

From the Musician's Lips
Please make sure that we have ice water to drink and an umbrella to shade us from the sun on a hot day. Don’t ask us to play something that is scored for an entire orchestra when there are only three of us. Don’t ask for concertos this is not recital. Be aware that we have to take breaks too. We shall do that at an appropriate time for ten minutes each hour. Stay close to the ending time as many of us have other jobs to play. Tell us if you are enjoying the music, we want to please! Tell us if the music is not quite what you want, we want to please! Don’t expect a microphone in the middle of an ensemble to be talk-free. We need to communicate directions to one another. Place the check in an envelope, and give it to the wedding coordinator, best man or bridesmaid before things get busy. Don’t make us have to look all over the grounds for you at the conclusion of the job. Enjoy yourself. You’re in good hands.

So ladies, the next time you see a limousine pull up in your driveway with a person carrying a musical instrument in one hand and a rose in the other, please don’t shoo me off your property. Chances are, I’m going to propose to you and I’m sure you’ll not want to miss that!

Until next time,
Your loving musician.

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